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More About The Mental Fitness Programme

Do you feel that you are not doing yourself any favours with how you react to certain situations? Do any of these resonate with you:

"I am stressed and overwhelmed with everything on my plate!"

"It's got to be 100%!"

"I just can’t say no !"

"I am not sure if I'm up for the job!"

"I will be happy when I have achieved....!"

"Sometimes the world's just against me..."

"I leave things to the last minute and then get annoyed with myself"

We face thousands of choice points every day. Some decisions are made consciously with deep thought, but the majority of choices are automatic and instant - driven by the hidden habits of our mind. 


Whether you are conscious of them or not, these patterns of thoughts and beliefs (formed by your many experiences in life) drive you to behave in certain habitual ways. Often these automatic reactions serve us well, but maybe more often than you like, you might come to regret some of these reactions - this is called self-sabotaging behaviour.

Your Mental Fitness determines how well you handle life's challenges with more resilience, and a more positive mindset. Just like training your muscles in physical fitness, you can also train your brain 'muscles' that improve your Mental Fitness.

Building stronger Mental Fitness positively impacts you in all aspects of life, be it professional or personal. You will notice it in your performance, your relationships and overall wellbeing and happiness.


Read on to find out more.


What does the Mental Fitness Programme look like

The Mental Fitness Programme brings together latest scientific insights from Neuroscience, Performance Science, Positive and Cognitive Behavioural Psychology to extrapolate the core factors that are at the root of optimal performance, positive relationships and optimal mental wellbeing.

When we feel threatened or triggered, we are not choosing how to respond, instead we react. In "fight or flight mode" our bodies physically react. When our fear systems are activated, our heart rate, respiration rate and blood pressure increase. At the same time, our intelligence dulls. Our brain goes into automation mode making use of existing neural pathways - automatic reactions. These are a build up of experiences from the past and they tend to be an unhelpful overuse of our innate strengths. It's often a reaction that is likely well intended but not quite right in the moment.

The Mental Fitness Programme takes you on a journey of understanding these trigger-react automations, teaches you tools how to re-gain control, open up choice and helps you embed these by leaning on our brain's neuroplasticity, the ability to form new neural pathways that serve you better. This happens over the course of 7 consecutive weeks to ensure new insights embed themselves for lasting change through daily practice.

The programme is powered by Positive Intelligence (PQ®️) and their flagship mobile app. Here is what to expect:

  • 7 weekly meetings (45 mins each) with your coach Uschi - these can be in person or virtual

  • Before each meeting, you receive new video content on the app that sets the baseline for the weekly focus and practice (see diagram on the right)

  • During the week, you receive short guided practice sessions through the app

  • You have access to the audiobook from the creator of the programme Shirzad Chamine

  • You have access to additional optional exercises ('Mental Fitness Gym')


Some questions answered

? - What does Mental Fitness mean?

Mental Fitness is your ability to cope with life's challenges with a more positive mindset and less stress by strengthening that part of the brain that serves you - away from self-sabotage towards emotional well-being and more intentional behaviour.

The Mental Fitness framework is a breakthrough, well researched and science based programme that combines training, practice and coaching with the help of an App and weekly meetings. It is the work of Shirzad Chamine and Positive Intelligence. To find out more, just book a call with me to explore,

? - What does a Mental Fitness Programme look like in more detail?

The programme is a mix of training, practice and coaching, it is supported by an App as well as weekly meetings. The core app-based element runs over 7 weeks. I usually provide an initial intro/coaching session before and close off with another coaching session.

The app-based element is made up of weekly focus sessions in video format, a deep experiential exploration of the week’s focus. You’ll feel inspired and energized to practice during the week in order to sustain the benefits experienced during the video sessions. Daily 15 minutes of app-guided practice enables you to build stronger mental muscles (neural pathways). These exercises are bite-sized to fit your busy schedule and customized based on how you self-sabotage. Once a week, we meet to discuss, explore and share the learned intertwined with coaching. This is either done 1 on 1 or within the team / group depending on what has been agreed.

? - What are the possible application areas for Mental Fitness?

You will benefit from improved Mental Fitness in all areas of life. To call out a few:

  • Leadership

  • Productivity & Performance

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Stress

  • Conflict Management

  • Wellness

  • Parenting

  • Career Planning

  • Relationships

  • Creativity

  • Self-Actualization

What clients say about our Mental Fitness work together


I have had the pleasure of completing an eight-week intensive coaching program with Uschi, which has turned out to be a real game changer for me personally. Uschi always takes time to listen and consider, ensuring that coaching time is maximized and tailored to the needs of the moment. I would warmly recommend Uschi to anyone who is looking for personal coaching and the opportunity to improve their positive intelligence.

< Richard P. >


The programme provided unexpected deep introspection on myself and why I have those reactions / attitudes. It now greatly helps me everyday. Additionally, Uschi is really amazing, I loved my sessions with her, she provided real precious help when I needed it the most.

< Sylvain P. >


This programme hits the spot when it comes to developing a positive / successful attitude. Primarily because it positively impacts the roots on which you can build the version you want to become. Being able to understand the reason why I respond to a situation or a person or myself in a negative way in itself was priceless. To top it this program gave me super easy and practical tools which enables me to switch those negative emotions / reactions to positive outcomes. The operative words being "easy and practical".

< Jasbir V. >


This programme provides a fresh and to some extend spiritual approach to business engagement. it is exactly what you would want from leadership coaching. the impact it had on me was a reduction in stress, and to know more on how to get the best out of situations and people.

< Charlotte P. >

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