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How well do you lead yourself?
Unlock your Leadership Potential with 1 on 1 Coaching

At every stage of your leadership journey, you bring unique strengths, capabilities, and experiences. Yet, we all encounter challenges—some apparent, like stress or procrastination, others more elusive, silently holding us back.

Being an Executive, for example, can sometimes feel quite lonely. I hear from many of my clients that they have this expectation on themselves to know everything, have an answer to everything, and that they can't allow themselves any mistakes.

Research has shown that there are many Leaders who think that they don't deserve to be in the position they are in, and that eventually they will be found out.

Meet these challenges head-on with a trusted Coach and Thinking Partner by your side. Together, we'll unravel the mysteries that hinder your confidence and impact.

Imagine the transformation when you have a seasoned partner to elevate your thinking, strategise and execute with clarity and confidence. Let’s ignite your agency to realise your goals, your way.

All successful Leaders have a coach that helps them realise their full potential. Embrace the expertise of a coach that guides you to the next level. 1 on 1 coaching is fully customised to what YOU need to succeed.

Find out more below or book a call with me now to explore what might be in your way and how I can support you on your Leadership journey.

Find out how I can support you in a first

complementary discovery session.

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Is 1 on 1 coaching right for you?

Working with me 1 on 1 means we can tailor our coaching journey together to your very specific needs. You know best what it is that you'd like to achieve, even if it might not be clearly formulated in your mind yet.

Coaching applies a structured process to help you learn about yourself, develop and unlock your own potential. It is about uncovering what is right for you, understand what might be in the way and develop strategies to overcome whatever is unhelpful - and it is unique to you, your experience and your goals.

Let me give you an idea what types of scenarios can benefit from 1 on 1 coaching, but if you are ever in doubt, please just talk to me:

  • Mastering a new role or responsibility

  • Developing professional relationships
    (networking, build trust, manage conflict...)

  • Prioritisation, delegation and time management

  • Achieving specific goals

  • Managing stress and overwhelm

  • Building confidence and resilience

  • Understanding strengths, motivators, career direction

  • Leading change

  • Developing others and leading teams


Some questions answered

? - What does a coaching engagement look like?

The first discovery call (remember it's free) will give us both an idea what it is you would like to bring to the coaching engagement and where you would like to get to by the end - so defining a goal, and what a good outcome looks like.

Usually, we would meet on a regular basis for about an hour for each session. The time between sessions is somewhere between 1 and 3 weeks depending on your preferences and your time availability. Most of my sessions are now virtual, but if you live near me, we can also meet in person - or even walk and talk?

In my experience, a good starting point is to plan in about 8 to 10 sessions but please note that this is a rule of thumb and will very much depend on our first discovery session as well as what you would like to work towards.

Remember that a 1 on 1 coaching engagement is tailored to YOUR needs.

? - What can I expect from each coaching session?

Coaching is a partnership - the better our rapport, the more you will gain from the sessions. It is important to say here that a discovery session will also give us a good idea if we feel we can build a rapport. And for that reason, it is absolutely possible to say NO to me, I will not be offended.

Rapport is not everything through - the coaching journey requires work to be done, actions to be taken. I can be there will all the questions, skills, experience and knowledge in the world but I cannot do the work for you. This means coming prepared, be open to determine actions and following through with them.

Every time we meet, we set an intention for that session. We spend much time exploring your thoughts, feelings, behaviours on the topic, you might feel challenged sometimes and you can expect to do a lot of thinking and talking. 

Whatever is being talked about is always 100% confidential and I will NOT judge you whatsoever, holding you in high regard and respecting you entirely. Mutual trust is at the centre of our partnership.

? - What if I am unsure about my challenge or desired outcome?

That's absolutely fine and is not uncommon. I would also add that the goals or desired outcomes change as the coaching journey progresses and as you develop deeper awareness of yourself, your strengths, your challenges and your aspirations. 

During the first discovery call, it will be a great opportunity for you to start exploring and refining. Give yourself the chance to explore.

What clients say when they work with me


Uschi is amazing at listening and understanding the full perspective. She has helped me understand what I can control and influence and what I can accept.


Uschi has been very supportive in helping me understand my career goals, our session really helped me prepare for my midyear review and helped me articulate clearly my career plans with my line ,manager.


Uschi has a wealth of experience in a corporate environment, she combines her past experience with being patient and easy going, she helped me find the better balanced consultant in me, thank you.


My sessions have taken a different trajectory that when they started pretty significantly and have been so valuable. I am so fortunate to have access to this process.


I have a wonderful connection with my coach and I wish I could keep her in my life forever. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have a professional coach and I could not have imagined the benefit.

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