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Be the Inspiring Leader
YOU would want to work for!

Experience the value I can bring in a first COMPLEMENTARY discovery session.

Do you ever feel like you're donning a mask when you step into the workplace? Are you limiting your genuine self to meet perceived expectations, and as a result, causing you stress and sacrificing your confidence and impact?

It's time to transform yourself. Let me guide you on a journey of self-discovery, where you'll reconnect with your true self, amplify your natural strengths, and cultivate unshakable confidence in your untapped potential.

Don't sell yourself short. Invest in your growth. Be the Inspiring Leader you aspire to be. Your authentic Leadership can be your most powerful asset.

How I can support you

1 on 1 Coaching

Are you an Executive  looking for someone who can help you take your executive presence to the next level, be more inspiring and have more impact?

Or maybe you want to overcome something more specific - for example too much stress, overwhelm, lack of confidence, imposter thinking, procrastination?

Work with me to achieve it!

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Mental Fitness for Leaders / Mental Fitness for Teams

Imagine a transformation that leaves you not just better but your very best.

Mental Fitness all about enhancing your Positive Intelligence—the control you wield over your mind, ensuring it works in your best interest, boosting the best in you while quieting the unhelpful noise. These vital mental muscles are trainable.


Let me show you how. I can work with you individually or a team in a group setting.

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Signature Leadership Development Programme

Do you want to experience the power of a structured Leadership Development Programme for high potential Leaders combined with coaching to really bring the best in class to your personal growth?


Considering your evolution as a Leader from all aspects - bringing in scientific tools, 360 feedback, internal /external perspectives. 

Reach out to find out more and be ready to invest in your development.


Hello, my name is Uschi, your Coach and Thinking Partner.

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I guess you are reading this because something I said above resonates with you and you have lots more questions than answers. Let me try to bring in some context for the things I would like to know if I were in your shoes...

Let me start by defining coaching in the simplest terms - Coaching is like having a trusted partner who helps you set and reach your goals. I ask you questions, listen deeply, and provide observations and other perspectives to help you improve and succeed in different aspects of your life, whether it's in your career, personal development, or any other area. Think of me as your personal cheerleader and thinking partner rolled into one!

Then you might wonder why me? Firstly, I have come from various Leadership roles myself and experienced a large variety of leaders, some that were incredibly inspiring and others who I (and not just me) struggled with. A great learning ground!

I've become a coach after over 20 years in the corporate world, working in a variety of different countries and cultural backdrops, different organisations, roles and levels, always with one clear commonality - transformation for the good of the people involved!

I left the corporate world when I found myself in a place where I felt I just couldn't be myself, where the environment didn't align with what I was looking for and what I needed to thrive.

Taking a new career direction as a Leadership Coach that far into my professional journey felt uncomfortable, risky and somewhat intimidating - but I am not regretting a single thing and I absolutely LOVE what I do. You can find out more about me in my ABOUT page.

Why not experience my style by booking a discovery trial session?

Meet me on video

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