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About me

Let me introduce myself

Hiya, I am Uschi Baumann – thank you for showing an interest in finding out more about me. I am originally from Germany, but I would call myself a European citizen. I’ve always had a real interest in people and different cultures. I’ve studied International Business with languages and had the wonderful opportunity to live, study and work in different countries.


From the outset, my professional career has been dominated by a focus on people, process and transformation. Over 20 years in the corporate world in mostly global roles gave me an amazing learning platform for what is now the job of my dreams – being a Leadership Coach. The many ups and downs, lefts and rights, have taught me so much about people and about myself, it served me as a rich feeding ground for what I love doing – working with Leaders in their mid-career who have a genuine interest in the people around them and who want to step into their own potential to become the inspirational leader they aspire to be – for themselves and those around them.

My journey

I’ve had my fair share of own challenges that shaped me as a person and looking back, taught me resilience, determination and courage. In the early stages of my career, it was amazing to have the opportunity to experiment with different roles, different companies, and most of all, working in different countries and cultural backgrounds. It wasn’t always easy to set foot into a very new world, almost starting from zero, but looking at it from an other perspective, I brought my previous experience with me to build on and evolve further. There were the economic uncertainties along the way that meant I had to take hard decisions as jobs got cut leading to new paths and new opportunities. One of the most difficult lessons in life was presented to me when I started a family and the need to balance life inside and outside of work – sometimes it felt difficult to wear so many different hats and taking the decisions that would serve me and everyone else best.

2019 brought the toughest choice I had to make when I was confronted with the danger of plunging into burnout. Difficult work circumstances and my high work ethic pushed me towards the edge of exhaustion. It was the love for my family that saved me, and I pulled the emergency breaks – I handed in my notice and stepped off the hamster wheel…

I consider myself incredibly lucky that I had the safety and protection of my family and friendship network, and I am grateful for the support I received. It gave me the safe space that allowed me to reThink and reconsider what was important in my life and what I truly enjoyed doing – this is how I got to Leadership Coaching. My own story is why I believe in the power of creating a safe space for anyone who feels they are at a point where they can benefit from a Coach and Thinking Partner to bring a change for the better to their life!

If my journey inspires you – let me help you on our own journey to inspiration!

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I have coached
  • 150+ Leaders 
  • across 25+ Organisations
  • in 20+ Countries
  • in English, German, Spanish
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